Our Story

Our mission

Everyone wants to feel better, and we believe that cannabis products hold great promise in improving our health and wellness. Whether to ease anxiety, sleep better, manage pain, restore vitality, or simply elevate our day. From local craft cannabis producers to beloved, iconic brands our purpose is to provide access for all. We’re creating something that the cannabis industry is missing: a safe, friendly marketplace connecting curious consumers with innovative brands to help everyone find the spark that gets them back to themselves.

Feel like yourself

Everscore brings together brands you know and brands you can’t find anyplace else, in one easy-to-use and secure online shopping experience.

When you’re ready to reorder your favorites or try something new, we’ll process the order and have it delivered directly to your door. (Rest assured, we NEVER sell your data and we only share it when we have your specific permission to make your online experience better.)

Everscore provides access to CBD and THC, with some ancillary products and services. Depending on where you live, we will have something (THC & CBD) for all cannabis consumers.

We want Everscore to be your preferred cannabis marketplace whether you’re seeking introductory recommendations, the latest innovations from your trusted favorites, or something new.