Billing and Payment

Cashless Payment

Everscore and aeropay

Everscore has partnered with aeropay in order to provide the best customer experience possible.

  • All you have to do is create an aeropay account which links directly with your bank, takes less than a minute (in most cases), and uses only the information needed to keep you and your payments safe. Sign up for free.
  • It’s always free and we never charge extra billing fees.
  • Make secure payments right from your phone or desktop.

We use this method because it’s fast and secure, fully cannabis compliant, and it removes the need for cash.

1. Create a Profile

We ask just enough info to keep you and your money safe.

2. Link to Your Bank

Aeropay connects to over 2000 banks.

3. Pay for Your Order

Aeropay will transfer funds from your bank to your destination.