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253 Organic Flower Government Oasis 3.5g

253 Organic Flower Government Oasis 3.5g


GMO x Gush Mints

Flower - Government Oasis - The powerful GMO x Gush Mints strains were crossed to form GovernMint Oasis. According to its name, GovernMint Oasis has a flavor that is mostly minty, with undertones of creamy sage, acidic lemon-lime, and other savory herbs. The scent is even more strong, with a punch of herbal sage, a sour, minty overtone, spicy gas, and sour lemon-lime. As soon as you let out a breath, the GovernMint Oasis high will hit you hard, blasting into your brain with a feeling of elevated happiness that instantaneously erases any negative emotions or racing thoughts. You'll experience a mixture of happiness and calmness, as well as a sensation of lightly weighted peace that won't make you feel too tired. The encounter is finished off with a profoundly calming body high.




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