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PACKWOODS Infused Pre Roll Heavies Gelato Freeze 2.5g

PACKWOODS Infused Pre Roll Heavies Gelato Freeze 2.5g


Infused Pre Roll - Heavies - Gelato Freeze - The ultimate smoking experience for aficionados - our largest joint in the lineup.

- Premium Flower: artfully rolled with the highest quality indoor flower
- Infused for Potency: Rolled with single-strain, high-quality extract for a more potent effect.
- Dusted in Kief: Indoor-grown, strain-specific, dry-sifted trichomes.
- Glass Filter: Our USA-made glass filters provide a smoother, consistent draw from start to finish.

Gelato Freeze – This product contains 2.25g Gelato Freeze flower infused with distillate, rolled in an all natural rice paper, producing a silky-smooth smoking experience. Gelato Freeze is a sativa dominant hybrid that will produce balanced effects for the user, the strain is a great choice for new smokers or beginners. The effects are described as uplifting, energetic and euphoric without being overpowering. Users also claim this strain benefits when dealing with symptoms associated with stress, anxiety, ADD/ADHD.



Provide an address to see products in your area!

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